• Energy Healer, Psychic and Medium


  • My gifts know no bounds.

    Be brave and heal. Push the limits of my gifts.

    Mediumship & Psychic Abilities

    These gifts do not require me to know or have contact with an individual, i.e., I need NO INFORMATION about an individual to connect and provide messages.


    These gifts allows me to answer your questions about YOUR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE​.


    I was well into my adult years when I was told by a psychic that I “have this gift too, and you HAVE TO OPEN IT”! I had seen psychics in the past for guidance. It was a matter of timing. It did explain though, why throughout my life, I would have moments of I-knew-that-was-going-to-happen-but-I-didn’t-know-why.


    The Medium gift came in increments, and unfolded as the months went. I am a bit unique from other in Mediums in that I can have FULL visual and audio connections with Passed Loved Ones (including pets), Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. This connection allows me to go back and address many levels for individuals. It allows me to know about past lives, karma/soul contracts or examine second, third, fourth, etc. degree connections.


    Energy Healing

    These gifts can be used on any persons regardless of emotional or physical state, beliefs or age. This gift can also be used on fur babies and other beloved animals.


    My FAVORITE part of my gift, is the ability to look into chakras and a person’s body to discover what ails them. This is my favorite because it allows me to know absolutely NOTHING about you, not even your name, and still be able to learn about you, guide you in SOLUTIONS to your problems and leave you feeling lighter than when you began.


    I began this journey by exploring Reiki. When I began to take it seriously, I was introduced to my temporary Spirit Guide who would teach me about the individualized form of healing I would be doing. To my knowledge, there is not anyone else that does it in the exact same form as I have been gifted. I do not need to touch an individual or be near them. I do not need to know names, ages, location - I need NO INFORMATION. I can use my gift to cleanse auras, chakras, negative energies, break karma/soul contracts and provide healing energy from the individual’s spiritual healing team.




    The most validating part of my gift is having no information going into a session, and still providing answers for exactly what they wanted to know.

    Healing Session

    Guidance & Solutions

    Partake in trauma-informed healing to assist in what ails you including, but not limited to: trauma, physical, emotional distress and symptoms, autoimmune symptoms, rehabilitation, addictions, undetermined medical diagnosis....The list here is endless.


    30 minutes - $100

    One Hour (including Reading) - $175

    Medium/Psychic Reading

    Connect & Guide

    Have a session to connect with Passed Loved Ones including pets, Guardian Angel and/or Spirit Guides.


    30 minutes - $100

    One Hour - $175

    Bonding/Healing/Team Building

    Bring together those who are important

    Group dynamics can grow, change and become more positive when healing is done together. Use a session to help a family find closure on a sudden passing. Bond a work team that cannot seem to be productive. Any group that is stuck, or wants to continue their growth, can benefit.


    Rates Vary but average $200/hour

    Restore Balance to Places and Persons

    Remove negative energy

    Use a Medium conduit to remove negative energy from people, places, environments and/or items. Ensure protection for the places, like a new home, that matter most.


    Rates Vary

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