• With so many modalities, what is your favorite part?

    My favorite part of my gift is the ability to look into chakras and a person’s body to discover what ails them. It allows me to know absolutely NOTHING about you, not even your name, and still be able to learn how to guide you in SOLUTIONS to your problems, and leave you feeling lighter than when you began.

    What is most rewarding?

    The most validating part of my gift is having no information going into a session and still providing answers for exactly what someone wanted to know.

    Who benefits from your gifts?

    My gift can be used on any persons regardless of emotional or physical state, beliefs or age. It can also be used on fur babies and other beloved animals.

    What do you need to know about me?

    These gifts do not require me to have any information or contact prior to a session with you. You are welcome to share questions you have or goals you want to accomplish together.

    When did you receive your gifts?

    I was well into my adult years when I was told by a psychic that I have this gift too, and "You HAVE TO OPEN IT!" I had seen psychics in the past for guidance. It was a matter of timing. It did explain though, why throughout my life, I would have moments of I-knew-that-was-going-to-happen-but-I-didn’t-know-why.

    The Medium gift came in increments, and unfolded as the months went.

    When can I use Healing Energy and what do I say?