For Your Individual Needs

    Healing Session

    Guidance & Solutions


    Partake in charka cleansing, interpretation, crystal healing and trauma-informed healing to assist in what ails you including, but not limited to: physical, emotional distress and symptoms, autoimmune symptoms, rehabilitation, addictions, undetermined medical diagnosis...

    The list here is endless.


    30 minutes - $100

    One Hour (including Reading) - $175

    Medium/Psychic Reading

    Connect & Guide


    Have a session to connect with your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, and Passed Loved Ones including pets.


    30 minutes - $100

    One Hour - $175

    Group Gathering

    Grow, change and become more positive when healing is done together.


    Schedule a session to help a family find closure on a sudden passing. Bond a work team so they can be more productive.


    Any group that is stuck, or wants to continue their growth, can benefit.


    Rates Vary but average $200/hour

    Restore Balance

    Remove negative energy


    Use my gift as a Medium conduit to remove negative energy from people, places, environments and/or items. Ensure protection for places, like a new home, that matter most.


    Rates Vary